Care Coordinator - CABHI | 00053 | 11.2018

Position Summary:

This is an independent professional position performing comprehensive assessments, service brokerage, and advocacy services for adults and some adolescents who are experiencing homelessness in conjunction with mental, substance use, or co-occurring disorders.  The Care Coordinator works as part of a modified Assertive Community Treatment team and with other professionals from numerous community organizations.  The work is performed with a high degree of independence; however, work reviewed through conferences, supervision and required reports.  The Care Coordinator assists clients to link with community, natural, and professional support systems to obtain and maintain stable housing, applicable benefits and assistance, and appropriate physical and behavioral health care.  The Care Coordinator assists with outreach and engagement of individuals eligible for services.  Work is performed in community settings including but not limited to homeless shelters and client homes, as well as in Meridian offices and clinics.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college with a major in counseling, social work, psychology, criminal justice, nursing, rehabilitation, special education, health education, or a related human services field; 1-year experience with population; OR Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college and two years' full time or equivalent experience with population.

Driver Requirement:

Must have a current Florida Driver's License with a clean driving record while meeting company insurance requirements. 

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Completes assessments of service needs of the client.
  2. Works with the treatment team and the client to develop a plan for services with specific goals and objectives, including achieving stable housing.
  3. Links the client with services and resources identified in the plan.
  4. Maintains contact with all staff/agencies providing services for the purpose of monitoring client progress and assessing appropriateness of services.
  5. Serves as an advocate for the client with a wide variety of community agencies and Center programs.  Promotes community program development to meet client needs.
  6. Conducts face-to-face visits to monitor progress on treatment and service plans.
  7. Prepares and maintains client records and insures quality of documentation of medical records. 
  8. Records every activity engaged on behalf of a client on a daily basis via Progress Notes.
  9. Responsible for meeting yearly productivity and revenue goals. 
  10. Researches, develops and maintains a comprehensive list of community resources that includes addresses, phone numbers, and names of contacts for each resource.
  11. Conducts outreach to identify and engage individuals who are eligible for services. 
  1. Performs other duties as required to meet program and departmental goals and objectives.