FACT Manager

$3,000 hiring incentive bonus for specific programs inquire within! 

Location: Lake City, FL
Salary Range: $73,000.00 - $78,000.00 Exempt

Position Requirements/Preferences: Master Degree from an accredited university with major course work in the areas of health related/psychology/social work areas. Three years' experience in Mental health managerial positions strongly preferred. Active LCSW, LMAF or LMHC license in State of Florida required. 

Must possess a valid Class D driver's license and have acceptable driving record. 

Maintains Center wide Driver Requirements:

Must have a current Florida Driver's License with a clean driving record while meeting company insurance requirements. Staff must use Center Vehicle when available. Use of personal vehicle for Meridian business approved only if attempt to secure Center vehicle is made. In order to qualify as a Center Driver, the candidate must at least 21 years of age and have an active Florida Driver's license

Motor Vehicle Record will be reviewed for eligibility. No more than 3 moving violations and/or accidents within the past 3 years and no major violations during the past 5 years. 

Experience: Education:  Master Degree from an accredited university with major course work in the areas of health related/psychology/social work areas. Three years' experience in Mental health managerial positions strongly preferred. 

Experience: Five years working with individuals dealing with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness and or co- occuring mental health and substance use disorders. 

Essential Duties/Responsibilities: Train team, monitor effectiveness and provide directly when needed:

1. Outreach activities to promote home Health and engage insurance clients to opt in to FACT-lite team model service.

2. Complete assessments and screenings with members to provide feedback and insight into how to improve behavioral health and medical related behaviors (under consult from nurse, physician, APRN assessing the total needs of the client).

3.  Develop Plan of Care to include linkage for  the client and family with services and identified resources.

4.  Links client to primary care, behavioral health, health specialty services and community/peer social supports and other natural supports.

5. Organize and facilitate access to, and monitoring of progress toward goals in the Plan of care to manage chronic mental health or co-occurring conditions for health and wellness though face to face and collateral contacts with the member, family, caregivers, physical care, and other providers.

6.  Serves as an advocate for the client with a wide variety of community agencies and center programs. Promotes community program development to meet client needs.

7.  Maintains contact with all staff/agencies providing services for the purpose of monitoring clients' progress and assessing appropriateness of services. Perform routine contact with natural supports systems to monitor quality of supports systems and impact on clients overall health and wellbeing. 

8. Provide oversight of FACT Lite multidisciplinary team members including  APRN and or Physician where medically indicated/required by health plan.

9. Perform care activities to promote total care approach. Assist client in controlling symptom exacerbations, application of learned coping skills, understanding of and increase in nutritional choices, smoking cessation, and physical/wellness activity plans.  Link client to and or conduct health, wellness, and rehabilitative psychoeducational/psychosocial rehabilitative services (individual and group modules).

10. Collect data for input into electronic health record(s) and reporting to funder source.

Other Duties/Responsibilities:

 Ensure quality and efficient team delivery with below services:

1.  Conduct telephonic, virtual and or face-to-face visits to monitor progress in implementation of the Service Plan, including home visits and visits to acute care settings,  emergency rooms, Detox units and inpatient psychiatric care facilities.

2.  Prepares and maintains client records and insures quality of documentation of medical records.  

3.  Records every activity engaged on behalf of a client on a daily basis, via Progress Notes.  

4.  Researches, develops and maintains a comprehensive list of community resources that includes addresses, phone numbers, and names of contacts for each resource.

5. Conduct Outreach activities to engage prospective members to opt in to Home Health.

6. Performs other duties as required to meet program and departmental goals and objectives. 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

Specific competencies required are identified on a department/program specific basis and identified in each employee's Competency Checklist. 

Meridian is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.  We are fully committed to attracting, retaining, developing and promoting the most qualified employees.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, pregnancy, status as a parent, national origin, age, marital status, disability (physical or mental), family medical history or genetic information, political affiliation, military service or because they are a protected veteran or other non-merit based factors.