Director - Dietary Services | Gainesville | #31829 | 10.19

Location: Gainesville, FL
Salary: $55-65,000 | Exempt 

Position Summary:

This is a mid-level management position responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the Food Services department in a manner consistent with Meridian's strategic plan and mission.  The Director is to ensure that the function they oversee is adequately and consistently staffed, is managed in accordance with professional and/or contractual, regulatory or legal standards and Center policy/procedure, and performs to the level specified for Food Service in the annual plan and/or budget.  The Director oversees several dietary line staff and at times supportive employees which are Meridian clients.  The Director will do all necessary dietary consults with Meridian clients across the agency.  The work requires the use of independent judgement and initiative in carrying out day-to-day duties and responsibilities and is performed under the direct supervision of a Vice President.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Master Degree or related culinary degree and 3 years of supervisory experience in contract/institutional food preparation and service.  Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist strongly preferred.  Preference given to those candidates certified as a Dietary Manager.  Those candidates without, must attain Certification as a Dietary Manager with the Florida Food Management within 60 days of employment
  • The ability to manage in a diverse environment with focus on client and customer services is essential to success in this role.  Solid supervisory skills, organizational skills and time management are required.  P&L accountability and/or contract-managed service is strongly preferred.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office is required.

Drivers Requirement:

Must have a current Florida Driver's License with a clean driving record while meeting company insurance requirements.
In order to qualify as a Center Driver, the candidate must at least 21 years of age and have an active Florida Driver's license.  Motor Vehicle Record will be reviewed for eligibility.  No more than 3 moving violations and/or accidents within the past 3 years and no major violations during the past 5 years. Drivers over 65 years old must provide a current doctor's note stating they have no driving limitations. 

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Monitors inventory control, food preparation, portion control, and serving procedures.
  • Monitors health and sanitation in all areas such as personal cleanliness of employees, food handling, the storage of food, the preparation of food, and general clean up and sanitation.
  • Ensures that dietary staff prepares meals according to special diet orders and monitors the performance of the Food Services Department.
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable health, fire, and safety regulations and directives, which pertain to the food service area.
  • Prepares daily, weekly and monthly reports and maintains accurate records such as: quantity planning worksheets; market order sheets; menus and daily records of amounts served; inventories of purchased food, non-food supplies and U.S.D.A. Commodities; daily accounting records; weekly and monthly reports; and other records as may be required.  Maintains and submits all such records and reports in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Acts on your own initiative and with the management team to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of services within your program.
  • Ensures that billing invoices are correct and are promptly turned in to the Fiscal Department.
  • Performs inventory checks on a weekly basis, orders food items necessary for the menu and to fill program orders.
  • Works with the Dietitian to monitor departmental performance in all areas:  Dietary Audits, Infection Control, food surveys, special diets, menu applications, and budget control.
  • Meal/Food Utilization Report tabulated monthly on a program basis to determine cost of each meal served and the utilization by each program.
  • Maintain Florida Food Service Manager Certification.
  • Participate in the food companies food shows to obtain product information, identify possible menu items and to network with other Dietitians and Food Service Managers
  • Ensures client satisfaction with meals and meal service
  • Performs other duties as required to meet program and departmental goals and objectives

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

Specific competencies required are identified on a department/program specific basis and identified in each employee's Competency Checklist.