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Position Description: This position is responsible for the provision of direct client care and interaction under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or physician. The LPN provides medication administration, wound care, patient and family education and historical data collection. Documents care provided in the clinical record. The population served includes children and adults. OSHA Statement: This position has potential for exposure to blood and body fluids.

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Assists the RN/Physician in the admission process by gathering baseline data of client's current health status.
  • Transcribes verbal or telephone orders received from the physician and verifies such by "read-back".
  • Transcribes physician orders to the medication administration record (MAR).
  • Performs fingerstick for glucose evaluation.
  • Evaluates point-of-care urine drug screens.
  • Administers medications as ordered by a physician.
  • Provides wound care as ordered by a physician.
  • Educates and orients client and family to the unit milieu and structure.
  • Provides confidentiality in all interactions with clients, to the extent possible, in the clinical setting.
  • Provides for interactions with family, to the extent possible, under HIPPA regulations.
  • Ensures that necessary safety precautions are taken based on the client's condition and facility policy.
  • Intervenes as necessary to prevent injury to staff or other clients.
  • Provides accurate documentation of client interactions and interventions.
  • Assists the RN/Physician in the use of seclusion and restraint.
  • Provides courteous, respectful interactions with clients, their family members, and other staff.
  • Provides reports to the Nurse Manager, CNO, Risk Manager, QI staff as indicated.
  • Performs other necessary tasks as assigned by the RN, physician, or Nurse Manager.
  • Keeps current with continuing education as required by license or as required by the position. General Responsibilities: Customer Service:
  • Greets clients as soon as possible after screening and provides welcoming atmosphere.
  • Provides confidentiality by during assessment/injection.
  • When not engaged in work-related tasks or activities, keeps personal conversation quiet to avoid being misinterpreted by clients.
  • Treats all customers clients, staff, other departments with courtesy. Communication:
  • Documents clearly and effectively utilizing appropriate forms.
  • Updates Kardex.
  • Seeks information as needed.
  • Attends staff meetings.
  • Coordinates breaks with other staff members as appropriate.
  • Requests time off with appropriate notice and notifies the unit, Nurse Manager, and Staffing Coordinator as soon as possible if calling off for illness or emergency. Team Work:
  • Orients and mentors new staff members as needed and as appropriate.
  • Considerate of other team members.
  • Channels questions, suggestions, and constructive criticism appropriately.
  • Works with the team to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Flexible. Adapts well to change. Infection Control and Employee Health
  • Reports communicable illnesses in clients to the Nurse Manager and Infection Control Practitioner (CNO).
  • Practices effective hand hygiene, hand washing, and cough etiquette.
  • Reports to Employee Health for pre-employment tuberculin skin test and annual skin testing.
  • Enforces Standard Precautions and Transmission-based Precautions in all aspects of client care. Minimum Qualifications: Education:
  • Graduate of a program leading to licensure as a Practical Nurse in the State of Florida.
  • Clear/Active license to practice as an LPN in the State of Florida.
  • At least one year of experience as an LPN in an acute care setting.
  • Experience in an inpatient psychiatric unit preferred.
  • Current CPR card. Language Skills:
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Fluency in Spanish desirable Communication Skills
  • Attentive to others and asks questions appropriately
  • Effectively conveys and obtains information
  • Ability to use electronic programs such as Windows XP and Outlook
  • Ability to multi-task preferred Mathematical Skills
  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, use a calculator Reasoning Ability
  • Logically works through issues as they arise.
  • Identifies issues and potential solutions Customer Service
  • Dedicated to providing excellence
  • Committed to satisfaction 

Physical Demands

  Gross Motor Skills