Nurse Practitioner - Adult Psychiatric

Gainesville, Florida - Crisis Stabilization Unit

$125,000/year ($130,000 after 1 year full time employment)

This position is highly responsible for following-up on clients who are stable and already on maintenance medications.  This person will be an advocate for clients and interact with clients in a manner that reflects cultural sensitivity.  Assure clients rights are protected and report any abuse and neglect.  Work is performed under the protocol of a Center psychiatrist and is directly supervised by same.

Minimum Qualifications:

BSN and Florida Licensure as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.  Experience in mental health or community service organizations is preferred.  Must be able to function independently and inter-dependently.  Strong communication and interpersonal skills. **MUST HOLD PSYCHIATRIC CERTIFICATION**

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

1.  Perform psychiatric evaluations, medication evaluation and monitoring, and psychiatric treatment.

2.  Collaborate with the overseeing physician(s), develop and comply with ARNP protocols approved by the Nurse Practice Act, Florida Statutes, Chapter 464, Florida Board of Nursing Rules 210-11 and 210-16, Administrative Policies Pertaining to Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, Florida Administrative Code.

3.  Initiate requests for ancillary testing and referral to specialty areas.

4.  Provide individual and/or family education to increase each patient's awareness of illness and treatment issues.

5.  Maintain appropriate medical records and documentation in accordance with Meridian guidelines.

6.  Promote team approach to patient care through creating and maintaining professional working relationships with physicians and support staff.

7.  Maintain and increase level of expertise by attending Continuing Education events within the Center and the community.

8.  Assist in maintaining infection control activities and safety standards according to established policy and procedures.

9.  Interacts with community agencies and resources.

10.    Performs other duties as required to meet program and departmental goals and objectives.